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1 to 120 TT scale 1:120 Table Top

Multiple decorative TT lights without any light function. 10 pcs. of scale 1:120 miniature garden accessories with a height of 46 mm & a diameter of 7mm. TT scale model railroad accessories & decoration model lights to improve your TT scale track scenery.

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    • This offer contains 30 pcs of the pictured items.
    • Weight: 59 gram
    • Item Scale: 1:120 Scale , TT.
      What is the meaning of: TT ?
    • Color: unpainted white,
    • Material: plastic.
    • Item Size:    Length: 7 mm (0.273 inch).
                           Height: 46 mm (1.794 inch).
                            Width: 7 mm (0.273 inch).

    Delivery time: 3-2 weeks
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    • 30 pcs. of architectural decorative TT lights with a height of only 46mm.

    Supplies for your miniature model making projects at scale 1:120. TT scale model railroad accessories which will give your TT gauge model railroad scenery a very realistic look. 30 pcs. of model lights without any light function just to decorate your TT scale model railroad scenery. These TT gauge suited miniature garden accessories are fully made of plastic and can only decorate your mini architectural model projects but will not give any light. We mainly recommend these TT scale track supplies for station platforms or neighborhood decorations. Vintage styled decorative TT lights in a white color but only for decorative purposes.

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