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"Experience the world of all that is miniature with us."

We try to exceed the expectations of all miniature-, dollhouse- and model train fans all over the world.

What we are offering:

With our services we want to encourage all worldwide miniature fans to expand their miniature collecting-, building-, and playing hobbies and enjoy the most of it.

For all of our new customers we are offering Test-items in our shop. Most of our test-item offers are just 1.50 USD incl. shipment charges.
This way you can give it a try and test our delivery time and services from only 1.50 USD.         To learn more about our test-orders click here.

History of 321bay:

Before we started 321bay we knew that many miniature, model train and dollhouse products and almost all of their associated accessories were manufactured in China. However we discovered that by the time the products reached their final customers in the US and in Europe they had been stamped with a brand logo and marked up 300 to 800% and more!

We visited several local factories and saw for ourselves the crazy sight of three or four assembly lines of identical products being stamped with different logos for different countries which were then sold in the US and in Europe at unjustifiably high prices simply based on the branding of these products! Local Chinese companies had realized this opportunity and started trading online, but although their price was low, their customer service and quality control were also inadequately low !!- Far below US and European standards and customer onlie shopping experiences. So we decided to take the plunge and create a website based on our worldwide vision.

We moved to China to be closer to the factories and products in order to get you the best possible price. At the same time we also apply stringent US and European Quality Controls and services are backed with a strong US/European money back guarantee for all of our customers who are not happy about the products or services offered by us.

We were tired of seeing hard-working folks paying through the nose for miniature products simply because they are branded. We were tired of seeing website after website offering knock-off, poor quality goods. We were tired of dodgy websites who don’t deliver on their promises when it comes to customer support. We were tired of dollhouse and model train product descriptions that barely make sense and dealing with people who can’t understand us.
We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to be able to see and chose from the wide range of good quality miniature, dollhouse accessories, hobby tools and model train items that are available today. We also wanted that everyone can enjoy the attractive low shipping costs of our worldwide airmail partners.

321 stands for: worldwide shipments within 3-2 weeks for a No. 1 price and customer service.

We do all in our power to ensure and constantly improve our quality and service standards.

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