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1to12 1:12 scale

2 pieces of silver colored dollhouse lamps made of metal. Dollhouse décor items in the dollhouse scale of 1:12. Dollhouse sconces for your mini foyer scenery. Accessories for your dollhouse walls scenery in the 1:12 item scale.

  • doll decor, doll decoration
    Test-item offer for doll decor
    Here you will find our test-order item offer for dollhouse decor. For all of our new customers we are offering test-items to try out our services.

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    • This offer contains 2 pcs of the pictured items.
    • Weight: 21 gram
    • Item Scale: 1:12 Scale , 1:12.
      What is the meaning of: 1:12 ?
    • Dollhouse wall chandelier without light functions just for decor..
    • Color: silver,
    • Material: metal.
    • Item Size:    Length: 17 mm (0.663 inch).
                           Height: 20 mm (0.78 inch).
                            Width: 11 mm (0.429 inch).

    Delivery time: 3-2 weeks
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    Content of delivery:
    • 2 pcs. of silver colored dollhouse wall chandelier.

    This tiny dollhouse wall lamp set of two crystal lamps comes in a pair of two wall chandeliers in silver color. These here pictured dollhouse sconces are just some tiny dollhouse décor lighting supplies and have no real light function. However the bright silver color of the wall sconces itself makes these dollhouse lamps look just great and will give your dollhouse foyer & hallways an authentic classical look & atmosphere. This set of two beautiful miniature dollhouse wall chandeliers is made in the dollhouse scale 1:12. The height of each of these identical wall sconces is 20mm, the width is 11mm and the length is approx. 17 mm. Fix these mini dollhouse wall chandelier lighting-fixtures to your hallway walls or somewhere in your vintage & classical styled living rooms.

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