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1to12 1:12 scale

Dollhouse bookcase skilfully developed for your mini dollhouse nursery to enrich its entire ambience. The wooden doll house accessories, having a dark brown tint, comprise of dollhouse book and leaflets for your mini dollhouse studying scenery.

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    • This offer contains 1 pc of the pictured items.
    • Weight: 20 gram
    • Item Scale: 1:12 Scale , 1:12.
      What is the meaning of: 1:12 ?
    • All books are glued inside the bookcase and can't be removed..
    • Color: darkbrown,
    • Material: wood, wooden rack, paper books.
    • Item Size:    Length: 52 mm (2.028 inch).
                           Height: 87 mm (3.393 inch).
                            Width: 15 mm (0.585 inch).

    Delivery time: 3-2 weeks
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    Content of delivery:
    • 1 pc. of dollhouse bookcase made of wood and filled with children's books.

    Dollhouse bookcase designed to supplement your dollhouse miniature supplies. This wooden dollhouse bookshelf, having a height and width of 87 mm and 15 mm respectively, houses a set of 6 dollhouse book with attractive covers. Note that the paper books and leaflets are glued to the shelf and cannot be removed. Dollhouse bookcase, carved out of wood, comprise of paper books and leaflets. 1 to 12 scaled dollhouse book shelf, owning a length of 52 mm, has been developed to enrich and authenticate your mini dollhouse nursery. These wooden doll house accessories possess a dark brown tinge and the books inscribed within are of varied colours and patterns. The wooden dollhouse bookcase has 3 rows each entirely equipped with children's books and nursery supplies.

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