Tiny dollhouse polymer clay miniature food | polymer clay onion


1to12 1:12 scale

Polymer clay miniature food for your tiny dollhouse scaled kitchen or other miniature sceneries. 1to12 scaled polymer clay onion food imitations as dollhouse kitchen accessories. The offer contains 12 pcs. of handmade polymer clay onions.

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    Test-item offer for doll market
    Here you will find our test-order item offer for miniature market. For all of our new customers we are offering test-items to try out our services.

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    • This offer contains 12 pcs of the pictured items.
    • Weight: 10 gram
    • Item Scale: 1:12 Scale , 1:12.
      What is the meaning of: 1:12 ?
    • The wicker basket is not part of this offer.
    • Color: lightbrown, yellow,
    • Material: polymer clay.
    • Item Size:    Length: 8 mm (0.312 inch).
                           Height: 5 mm (0.195 inch).
                            Width: 5 mm (0.195 inch).

    Delivery time: 3-2 weeks
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    Content of delivery:
    • 12 pcs. of tiny dollhouse polymer clay onions

    Tiny polymer clay onions for your dollhouse kitchen or 1:12 scaled pantry. 8 mm long polymer clay miniature food for your cooking or market scenery. This offer is for twelve pieced of mini onions which can be used on your kitchen tabletop or in your miniature dollhouse grocery bag. In our shop 321plus we can offer a wide range of tiny dollhouse 1 inch scaled food supplies and accessories.

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    Almost all of our here offered miniature vegetable and fruit imitations are made of a self hardening plastic resin which is called polymer clay, poly clay or sometimes written as polymerclay. In this category we are offering a wide range of miniature vegetables and fruits which can be used as a deco rational asset to your miniature garden, dollhouse or to your architectural miniature house. Use your imagination and fill your couch table with a fruit bowl or place all the ingredients for your next cooking session on your dollhouse kitchen table.