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This offer here from 321plus is for 10 pcs. of model building lighting miniatures in the shape of wall lamps which are made of plastic & will shine in a warm white light when connected to a 3V supply. Model lamp & G scale train accessories at 1:25 scale.

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    • This offer contains 10 pcs of the pictured items.
    • Weight: 41 gram
    • Operating Voltage: 3 V.
    • Item Scale: 1:25 Scale , G.
      What is the meaning of: G ?
    • 3 Volt DC, 0.06 Watt, 20mA.
    • Color: black,
    • Material: plastic.
    • Item Size:    Length: 15 mm (0.585 inch).
                           Height: 37 mm (1.443 inch).
                            Width: 15 mm (0.585 inch).

    Delivery time: 3-2 weeks
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    • 10 pcs. of wall lamps or lanterns with a height of approx. 37mm.

    G scale train accessories to decorate and to beautify your 1:25 scale miniature buildings and outdoor scenery. This offer contains 10 identical pieces of wall lamps which can be connected to a 3 Volt DC power supply. These model lamp miniatures are made of plastic and are running over some tiny LED lamps, which means that you will have to use resistors in your electric circuits. Mini scale modeling accessories for G gauge model builders and 1:25 scaled projects which are still in demand of some more realistic vintage feel. These 10 pieces of model building lighting miniatures will shine in a warm white light and are shaped in a vintage wall lantern form. Each of these electric model lamp is using approx. 0.06 Watt at 20mA and is about 37mm in total height. All scale modeling miniatures in this offer have each 2 cables and can be connected to parallel electric circuits. A great little detail for your old town sidewalks or vintage housing scenery.

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