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1to160 1:160 scale N

N scale supply & decorations which can be used as N gauge street lights or as architectural lamp models. Plastic made & unpainted N scale miniatures made at scale 1:160. This offer contains 30 identical N gauge street lights without any light function.

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    • This offer contains 30 pcs of the pictured items.
    • Weight: 35 gram
    • Item Scale: 1:160 Scale , N.
      What is the meaning of: N ?
    • Color: white,
    • Material: plastic.
    • Item Size:    Length: 15 mm (0.585 inch).
                           Height: 43 mm (1.677 inch).
                            Width: 6 mm (0.234 inch).

    Delivery time: 3-2 weeks
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    Content of delivery:
    • 30 pcs. of N gauge street lights with a height of 43mm.

    N scale miniatures fully made of plastic. These plastic miniatures have a height of 43 mm and are perfectly scaled for N scale miniatures and landscapes. The simple but elegant shape of these N gauge street lights makes them a perfect asset for your modern designed shopping miles and car park areas. This offer is for 30 identical N gauge street lights which are made of a white plastic material and are sold here in an unpainted state. All plastic miniatures have a tiny pin leg which is used place these street lights in an upright position into your N scale model train sets. A must have miniature set for all scale 1:160 architectural projects. Visit our N scale supply and find even more decorative lighting miniatures which will increase the realistic feel and look of your N scale miniature worlds.

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