N Scale Street Lights for Model Railways


1to160 1:160 scale N

N scale street lights for model railway trains. Metallic made & silver colored N scale lighting made for 1:160 scale models. 10 pcs. of 68mm high diorama accessories for 6V DC electric circuits. Led lighting for model railways with a cold whit light.

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    • This offer contains 10 pcs of the pictured items.
    • Weight: 32 gram
    • Operating Voltage: 6 V.
    • Item Scale: 1:160 Scale , N.
      What is the meaning of: N ?
    • 6 Volt DC, 0.12 Watt, 20mA.
    • Color: silver,
    • Material: copper.
    • Item Size:    Length: 15 mm (0.585 inch).
                           Height: 68 mm (2.652 inch).
                            Width: 4 mm (0.156 inch).

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    • 10 pcs. of 68mm high N scale street lights with 2 Led lights.

    This offer is for 10 pieces of the here pictured N scale street lights which are just the ideal choice to beautify your 1:160 scaled model railway trains and street sceneries. These model train N scale supplies can be used perfectly as an N scale lighting decoration. These miniature led lighting for model railways is approx. 68mm in height and is running on max. 6 Volt DC electricity. These miniature diorama accessories are just the right size and shape to be used on your N gauge miniature & modern streets. Each of these N scale street lights has 2 LED light sources which means that you have to use resistors in your electric circuits. These resistors are not part of this offer we just sell the n scale street lights here in this offer. Metallic made N scale street lights painted in a silver finish. The shape of these lamps is quite simple and modern and the lamp pole itself is only 4 mm in diameter. 6 Volt DC electric led lighting for model railways with two lights stretched out on both sides to illuminate a wide angle on your roads a& streets. N scaled street lights made to decorate your model train scenery. The cold white light of these led lighting models will surely detail your model railway trains and mini street scenes. Each of these N scale street lights is using about 0.12 Watt at 20mA.

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